Karnak temple ,Luxor Day Trip


Duration : 1 Day
Tour Starts at : Every Day
Type : Private
Pickup : Luxor Airport
Locations :Luxor
Transportaion : Car

Note : Must be booked 2 days before the tour date or earlier

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Have a short braek wih us with a maigcal trip to the land of monuments Luxor … Starting trip with a visit to “Karnak temple”the biggest temple in the world. After that we will visit the most famous monuments in Luxor ,Karnak temple,The Giant Obelisk,Chapel of Sekhmet.Complex Of Amun-Ra and Luxor temple.



  • Karnak temple
  • The Giant Obelisk
  • Chapel of Sekhmet
  • Complex Of Amun-Ra
  • Luxor temple



    Karnak temple ,Luxor | Day Trip Path


    • After breakfast we drive to Karnak temple to visit the biggest temple in the world, Karnak Temple is dedicated to Amoun-Ra , we will travel to the Ancient Egyptian history while crossing through the gates of the temple, we will stand in front of The Giant Obelisk attributed to Hatshepsut (700 tons).
    • Later we will visit the powerful Chapel of Sekhmet.
    • After lunch we will visit the second part of the Complex Of Amun-Ra.
    • We will visit Luxor temple where will have a good idea about the layers of history there, one above the other. Drive back to the hotel.
      Karnak temple
      Karnak temple

      • Karnak temple “Temple of Amun” was in constant use with perpetual growth for over 2,000 years and considered one of the most sacred sites in Egypt. The priests of Amun who oversaw the administration of Karnak temple became increasingly wealthy and powerful to the point that they were able to take control of the government of Thebes toward the end of the New Kingdom when rule of the country became divided between theirs at Thebes in Upper Egypt and that of the pharaoh in the city of Per-Ramesses in Lower Egypt.
    Karnak temple
    Karnak temple

    Karnak temple



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