Meidum Pyramid, Faiyum Oasis, Day Trip


Duration : 1 Day
Tour Starts at : Every Day
Type : Private
Pickup : Cairo Airport
Locations :Faiyum
Transportaion : Car

Note : Must be booked 2 days before the tour date or earlier

Sku: GOE01-4-1-3-1-3-1-1-1-1



If you already made your plans, but you have one or two days free, you can join one of our day trips.Each tour in our day trips will take you to one or two sites in one day, our expert tour guides will add great value to your knowledge about the Egyptian history,one of our A/C cars will be the transportation vehicles in this tour



  • Hawara Pyramid
  • Lahun pyramid
  • Meidum pyramid


    Meidum pyramid,Faiyum Oasis |Day Trip Path


    • At 07:00 we will drive to Faiyum (south west of Cairo) for about 70 minutes, we will start our tour in Faiyum with Hawara Pyramid, it is one of the pyramids related to the Middle kingdom, King Amenemhat III, the pyramid was built from mudbricks and cased with limestone blocks.
    Meidum pyramid
    Meidum pyramid


    • After Hawara we will visit the newly opened Lahun pyramid, it will be the first time to have the chance to visit the complicated design under the pyramid, Lahun pyramid dates back to the Middle Kingdom, King Senusret II.
    Meidum pyramid
    Meidum pyramid
    • We will also visit Meidum pyramid which dates back to the Old Kingdom time of king Snefru or maybe king Huni. There is a chance to visit tomb 17 through a very tinny tunnel leads to the underground chamber which has a beautiful rose granite box.
    • Meidum pyramid is thought to be just the second pyramid built after Djoser’s[2] and may have been originally built for Huni, the last pharaoh of the Third Dynasty, and continued by Sneferu.
    • Return to Cairo.

    Meidum Pyramid



    • Entry ticket
    • Transportation
    • Entry to the Midum Pyramid during the public visit
    • Tour Guide



    • Insurance
    • Tipping
    • Meals
    • Photo ticket


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